When I am not tied down with 3 kids and a job, I like to coach, both children and adults. I've been coaching for over 10 years now. I have a Master's Degree in Athletic Coaching Education. I've coached State Champions and Boston Marathon Qualifiers!

My specialty is Marathon Training plans, but I've run all events and I know how to train for all middle distance and distance events, as well as Steeple Chase.

 The basics of my training philosophy is:
-Alternating easy and hard days with no more than three hard days per week and one long run. Advanced runners may be doing a medium long run in the middle of the week.
-Maintaining a certain amount of mileage each week, with the understanding that most people cannot get in a run every day.
-Listening to your body and not pushing through the wrong type of pain which may cause or further an injury.
-Tempo runs, track workouts, hills and fartleks are important workouts in improve speed
- I understand that not all runners want to run faster, some run to finish a 5k, and some want to finish a marathon.
-adapting to your already hectic schedule. 

If you are feeling lost in your training and would like some more input, please send me an email with an inquiry. I fully understand having to work around kids and work and injury.

You can contact me at

Baseline Pricing:
12 week training plan: $50
18 week training plan: $70
Couch to 5k: $35

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