Friday, January 25, 2013

What would I do without Wireless?

As we all know it has been frigidly cold this past week. Although I do have a nice weather cover for my Kelty double stroller, I really would not subject my children to that kind of cold (although I've read where they do it all the time in Sweden or of those cold countries). So this week I've had to get creative with running and it's worked out pretty well.

Monday I got to run at Big Bear Lake while my babysitters watched the kids for me. What I would do without them I do not know! Then Tuesday I had an already scheduled indoor track workout with a couple of training partners. I realize I am VERY lucky to have access to the indoor track.

Wednesday I ran on the treadmill. This is where the wireless part comes in. I do not have cable or dish down in the basement where my treadmill is. I have tons of VHS and DVD's to watch, but after 8 years I have watched all of them more times than I can count. So now what I like to do is either watch a show on my new Nexus Tablet or bring the laptop down to watch a free show online. It's so nice! It keeps my mind off the fact that I am just a giant gerbil in my basement going no where.  (I just had a thought, maybe I could be like Ed Begley Jr. and make my own electricity, but then, I need electricity to work the treadmill...nevermind).

Thursday I was lucky enough to get outside and run on the rail trail while my wonderful (he really is wonderful, that's not just fluff) husband watched the kids during his lunch hour. The only problem here was that snow had fallen overnight and as soon as I started running my calf tightened up. I was not about to let that ruin an opportunity to run outside with my training partners, so I soldiered on and then hobbled around the house the rest of the day. I wish I could figure out why my calves keep knotting up. I guess I just need to go get a massage. Anyone want to watch my kids while I go get a massage. LOL!

Today I will be back on the treadmill since it is not only cold, but now it is snowing like crazy. We'll see how the calf holds up. 30 minutes is all I need for my streak!

I'm on a sweet potato kick lately, so last night I decided to make some sweet potato pancakes and some sweet potato biscuits. The kids loved them and I loved them too. I just went with the Bisquick recipe for both and added in the mashed sweet potatoes. Yummy! Travis had his pancakes with honey and syrup!

I have some avocado in the fridge that needs eaten, so I've been thinking about making avocado & egg salad. I always have eggs that need eaten! Lately I've been cooking the eggs in a muffin pan in the oven for 15 minutes so we have basically hard boiled eggs that don't need peeled. It's very convenient. Of course I find all of these great ideas on Pintrest which I am now addicted too.

This blog post is brought to you thanks to Travis being at school, Tyler being asleep for more than 10 minutes (a rarity) and Eileen drinking a bottle which always occupies her time.

Daddy put Tyler in the laundry basket!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

New Year New....Same old same old!

OKAY.... here we go again. I'm doing pretty good on my New Year's resolutions, so I might as well try this one again, again. I'm sure you can sympathize with me, being a mom of 3 along with a job and coaching and trying to get in runs at the same time. So I'm thinking you don't mind that I only write a post every 3 months or so, every time saying I will do this more often. LOL, I swear, I will do this more often.

Right now I am doing some work from home. I have been doing some computer work in the loft while my two older children fight over toys down below. It's so stupid really, "Get away from me, play with your own toys.. BLAH, BLAH, BLAH". I want to gouge my eyes out. I know that in a couple hours I will drag my three children to the track, give them toys and some dinner to occupy them while I try to get through a track workout without someone crying or hurting themselves. If I can do that, I will be okay for the day.

Done with my rant, on with my resolutions.
1. I'm trying to stop biting my nails. I've been biting my nails since before I can remember. It's a disgusting habit, I know, and my husband hates it. I've gone 2 weeks with no biting. I find the key is to keep them nicely manicured with a pretty polish.
2. I started going to church again. This past Sunday was the first time in a while. I picked a kid friendly church where I know a lot of people. It worked out great! I hope the trend continues.
3.My little running streak. I had one going after Tyler was born, but right before the holidays I got sick/injured and I took a few days off, so I officially restarted my streak in the New Year. My streak is I have to get in 30 minutes of running every day. The official streakers website says 1 mile, but my streak is more for fitness reasons, so I am opting for 30 minutes!

That's pretty much it. I am done with the official Crossfit craze because of time, membership money, and gas money. I will do mostly body weight workouts from home, focusing on my abs which, lets face it, need a lot of work after 3 babies in 4 years. I did a modified Paleo for 6 weeks and didn't see too much of a change for me, but decided that I really need carbs. Carbs are my friend. Now that I am back to a carb friendly diet and trying to up my running mileage I am getting leaner again, around the middle, where I need it. I have a little over 3 months before I get completely discouraged, meaning....They say it takes you 9 months to get this way (fat), so it will take 9 months to get back (not fat).

This is the end of this post because Tyler is in his walker screaming his head off!