Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Gobble Gobble

Today while I was on my run I was thinking about the new Paleo Diet craze. I have a few friends who are VERY into it. It is really more of an obsession than a diet I think. I've put the book on my Christmas list so that I can learn more about how to eat like a cave man, but really, all these crazy anti-carb diets got me thinking. I should write my own diet book!

Yup, I would call it "The 1940's Diet: How to eat like your Grandmother did". My grandmother Helen is pushing 90 years young. She gave birth to seven children. Helen is a lean little lady, and the few moments I've been able to spend with her in the past 10 years I've learned this about her eating. Helen eats oats with milk everyday for breakfast, and not the pre-packaged sugary kid either. She also has a banana. For dinner she will have 2 servings of veggies along with her starch and protein.  I don't really know what she has for lunch, but I think it's something in the way of a salad or sandwich. She doesn't eat any pre-packaged sugary snacks, and she stays away from soda and usually alcohol. I have seen her drink wine on occasion. Seems pretty simple really, make your food and eat it, and don't eat a bunch of processed food.

Heading into Thanksgiving, there are a few rules I have for the weekend. I must earn my turkey! Meaning, a walk or run some time in the morning. I have a fun 5k Turkey Trot planned. We will be in South Carolina, so I will probably take a lot of walks and soak in the last days of warmth and sunlight before we head back north into the winter!

I already ran a Turkey Trot in New Jersey this past weekend. It didn't go as well as I would hope. It seems I can't stay healthy for more than a few days. After a nice 5k time trial with the WVU Cross Country team on Tuesday evening (18:04) I was sick to my stomach on Wednesday with no idea why. The little bit of vomitting I did seemed to zap my energy, and after a long car ride I was in no mood to run fast. I did okay with my 29:50 for 5 miles which is the equivelant of an 18:00 5k, but I wanted more. Maybe this Thursday's Turkey Trot will go better. I have been pumping myself with vitamins and trying to get rest. We'll see!

Recipe of the Week
This week's recipe is my dad's Thanksgiving leftovers sandwich recipe.
You need some nice sturdy bread. Then you spread some cranberry sauce on the bread, top with turkey, then stuffing, then mashed potatoes, maybe even a little bit of mayo, or gravy. I prefer to warm everything before it goes on the sandwich so the cranberry stands out, but you could warm the whole sandwich also if you like.
Tell me what you think!!

Picture of the Week

An aerial view of the Manasquan Turkey Trot. Taken by my sister Jane.

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