Thursday, November 8, 2012

To Paleo or not to Paleo?

Okay, before I get too far away from a post (like another 10 months) I will post! Here are the challenges to myself this winter!

Challenge 1: I am on week number 4 of Crossfit (google it). It's crazy, but good crazy. My friend Leah turned me on to it, and boy do I need it! Having 3 babies in 5 years does not bode well for the body. Although I managed to get myself in pretty good running shape in between each baby, I neglected my overall fitness. At 37 years old I am losing muscle strength anyway, so I figured I better get on it.
Right now I am going three times a week, and I am very sore most days (it's a good sore! I swear!)
I get my run in on the rail trail after class which means I am very tired while running. On the days in between I just run and maybe do some abs. I haven't done any real running workouts yet, so I'm hoping that all this strength training will pay off when I start trying to pour on the speed. It can't hurt, right? Or can it?

Challenge 2: Cook more...again. I'm thinking of trying this whole Paleo craze (google it! LOL)! I'm not totally sold on Paleo because it cuts out so many carbs that I am used to since I am a runner. Also, I just never really buy into a craze because I am a firm believer in "calories in and calories out", or "you ate in, negate it!" But I have seen the power of Paleo in action. They are doing a Paleo challenge at the gym for six weeks, so maybe I will take the challenge. Although, those six weeks run through Thanksgiving, and that means no stuffing or mashed potatoes. Come on! That's just not right! I live for the Thanksgiving meal which is why I try to find a Turkey Trot to run before I stuff myself. I feel I must earn my dinner.

Challenge 3: Be a better Mommy. I guess really this should be challenge 1 because it should be highest on my priority list. My two eldest children are at challenging ages. Travis will be 5 in February and Eileen will be 2 in March. Sometimes I find myself going through a day where all I've done is yelled or told them don't do this or don't do that. I have little patience sometimes, and they like to push each others buttons as well as mine. For example, last night while making dinner, the baby was crying...loudly, Eileen was whining...incessantly, and Travis was singing the Batman theme song. I just soldiered on figuring if I get dinner on the table Eileen will stop whining, Travis will stop singing, and I can pick up the baby so he will stop crying. Otherwise, I will start drinking. ;)

So, on Monday I will start my challenge, because Travis has been out of school since October 29th, and he goes back on Tuesday, and also the Paleo challenge starts on Monday. Right now I am baking my second loaf of Pumpkin Bread trying to perfect my recipe!

 Photo of the week!
Eileen as Tinkerbell

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