Sunday, January 9, 2011

Beer Belly without the beer!

It's that time again. I did this when I was pregnant with Travis too. I would look down at my belly and think, "oh, there is no way that is going back the way it was!" Usually after going a whole day of walking around and a little running/working out, I wonder just how it is that a man can walk around with a giant beer belly and do nothing about it. I mean, it is really uncomfortable! I at least can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Some time, hopefully before April starts, this baby will be out, and after a few weeks, I will start to feel like my old self again (I hope). But a man with a beer belly, there is no reward. Maybe he sees beer as the reward. I will never understand it. I prefer to be able to see my feet. I digress...

This week has been somewhat challenging for my running since it has been so cold and snowy. Monday I got outside for a run/walk for about 2 miles because Don was home, and it's also the day Travis goes to school. Tuesday I ran 2 miles straight on the indoor track. I was really happy about that. On Wednesday I pushed Travis around our little town of Bruceton while I ran/ walked for 40 minutes. Thursday and Friday I got on the treadmill for about 35 minutes, again just walking and running.

I also decided to start, or resume, some prenatal exercises so that I don't completely lose my muscle tone. Most of the exercises are for my legs, hips, and butt. Right now, my hips are retaliating against me. I guess they are going through a lot getting ready for a couple months from now. I never thought lifting my own body weight could hurt so much.

Yesterday I took my day off. I pretty much have had a day off every week. Today I feel lazy, but I am going to the indoor track again so hopefully I will get in another 2 miles. I keep plugging along, now at 28 weeks, hoping I can make it at least 6 more weeks being able to eek out my "running" or what some would call race walking. Maybe I can run this baby right out of me!

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